Video Legal Checklist and Permission Forms


Where relevant, please submit the video legal checklist and permission forms to your editor or marketer.


Checklist for Permissions Needed (please submit for every video)

Legal Considerations for Use of Created Video

Location Release Form

Materials Permission Agreement†† (this includes any product that will be included in your video outside of your own book)

Music Permission Agreement

Notification that an Event is Being Videotaped

Release Form for Adults Appearing in Video

Release Form for Minors Appearing in Video




         If the video is being done by a 3rd party video house (such as TurnHere, StudioNow, ExpandedBooks), they will be responsible for getting all appropriate permissions and you do not need to get anything from the authors.

         Copies of the permission forms should be sent to the editor or marketer working with the author and saved (scan digitally is easiest).PR and Events should also keep copies of any permission forms they generate.




Legal Considerations for Use of Created Video


  • Have permission from all the people appearing in the video and for use of all the content appearing in the video.


  • Authors or others who create videos are responsible for gathering these permissions and making them available to us before Wiley will upload any video onto the internet or distribute it to any of our partners.


  • The following written permissions are required:


-          permission to display and distribute the video from the videographer (this may be the author)


-          permission from any individuals who appear or speak in the video


-          permission from the owners of any copyrighted content that appears or is played or recited on the video (including book covers, background music, photographs); and


-          permission from the owners of any trademarks if their trademarks or logos are prominently displayed in the video. 


Wiley can provide you with forms for each of these permissions. The best thing to do is to get the permissions as you go. It will be difficult, if not impossible, to get them after the fact.  


Events Filming

-          If you are filming a book reading or other public event, you donít need to get a written and signed permission from every individual in the room.


-          Get permission from the venue to post signs at all of the entrances to the event advising that those who enter the event are consenting to being filmed and waiving any privacy claims.  Take a few photographs or some video footage of these signs for your records and ours.


What If You Canít Get Permission?

-          You should let Wiley know if there is something in the video for which you have not been able to get permission. We can always edit out any portions of the video that may give rise to a legal claim or blur out trademarks and individualís faces if necessary.