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Serving the Quantitative Finance Community for 10 Years!
Access cutting edge articles and the latest thinking in derivatives, risk modelling and quantitative techniques with
Paul Wilmott's bi-monthly magazine.

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In a series of six DVDs, thought leaders and industry experts address the fundamental topics within risk and quant finance and offer fresh insights as they celebrate the last 10 years in the field.

Learn from some of the greatest risk and quantitative minds, including Jack D. Schwager, Aaron Brown and Edward O. Thorp.

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Whether you're looking for practical tools and techniques,
quick FAQs or reference materials, you'll find
Wiley's range of Paul Wilmott books essential to gaining a sound knowledge of Quantitative Finance.

Explore Paul Wilmott's books button is the leading online resource for the Quantitative Finance community, with active users including both practitioners in investment banks and academics involved in research and teaching.

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From lunch break webinars to full day conferences on the latest developments in risk and quant finance...

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